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JIANYOU Jane Right counter service regulations

In ancient times, there is no mass production, people with a heart for clothes at the beginning of this, from the fabric to garment, a ray trace of a foot of a needle, sewing hard, honest and sincere thick.

In industrialized highly developed now, JIANYOU simply the right storage for clothes heart sinking at the beginning of this constantly refused, the simple right is superior to other brands provide customers with value-added after-sales service.

First, the sale of value-added services

1, customers at the counter to buy, to wear more comfortable, fit, without corrupting the original clothes version case, confirmed by both parties can, Jane will be free to modify the right size according to their improvement and the corresponding parts of the customer.

Services explained: This is a personal tailor modify the scope of, the revised Jane the right will not accept returns.

2, the clothes have been purchased more than 15 days and less than One month, if the issues of human reason open line, buttons such as falling under the fabric without damaging serviceable case, Jane and right will be free to customers for repair.

Service Explanation: If you buy clothes for more than One month, Jane the right to charge a maintenance fee.

Second, on the International

1, in the case of "a" as described above, simply right-SF to pay will be issued in the form.

Services explained: sincere advice customer to the counter self stripping to the scene to try to confirm the modified clothes to avoid time-consuming secondary repair.

2, the customer within 15 days of purchase, appear open line, buttons and other defects fall issue of the required repairs. After confirmation by the counter, the right to bear the International Jane sent to you.

Services explained: customers buy clothes, the clerk and customer parties acknowledge that no fabric damage, make sure that the correct clothes, then appeared the right fabric damage will not be repaired simply.

3, because no inventory required for goods counters reason, Jane the right to bear the International sent to you.

Services explained: if no transfer cargo, courier customer requirements, bear the postage by customer.

Third, the service instructions

1, the above mentioned time begin the sale of small ticket prevail, if there is no sale of small ticket can not provide credit card receipts and other proof of the right can not be simplified service.

2, Jane is the right of each designer clothes and her little friends hard sewing results, we refuse to amend the request relates to a clothes type version.

Right believe JIANYOU Jane

Every piece of clothing has life forms

Clothes made of natural fabrics to put two or three years

Naturally shrink, revealing the true charm

Shred has its own life

After season and mature

Like wine storage become as mellow

Lingering aftertaste

We should cherish a heart at the beginning of this kind of

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