It is normally to use the words ‘refined’ and ‘gentle’ to describe males. However, these words could also indicate the insight of the brand JIANYOU.

The development of JIANYOU just likes reading the journey of life. The brand could be regarded as a lady who transcends herself but is not being a maverick. Neither does she admit herself as a ‘tough girl’, nor advertise herself deliberately. As the old saying “The perfect man cares for no self”, the character of JIANYOU is egoless.

The character of JIANYOU is also a paradox, which contains tsundere, strong-willingness and cuteness. In addition, it delivers the imperfection in the greatest aspect. She could be beautiful and intelligent in facing her lover while could be reasonable and sensible in facing her family and friends. You could be attracted by her simplicity and grace. On the other hand, JIANYOU could also be as refined as a gentleman. You could see her confidence and decisiveness in her character as well. Further, she could be as furious as a neurotic sometimes.

JIANYOU could be a nostalgic person. She likes classic persons, objects and colours. She could integrate her characters into the design. Therefore, the design of JIANYOU is always based on clean, comfortable and simple fabrics, and appropriate tailoring. Moreover, JIANYOU is likely to use fancy designs sometimes in order to adjust the interests of the life, which differentiates the JIANYOU followers from the public.

In terms of JIANYOU herself, a perfect life stands for craziness. However, the craziness could be elegant. The behaviours of JIANYOU are based on her thoughts. Never follow the old routine, never follow the prescribed order.

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